File Review & Revision Training from Beginners to Advanced

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logo 1File Review and Revisions are often the overlooked skill in the claims process.  Consistent skill levels & abilities can be a challenge from reviewer to reviewer.
ATLaS  Training will save you time and money by standardizing the training your reviewers receive.

Beginner File Review – 8 hour Course

  • Learning basic insurance terms and understanding what they mean
  • What to look for when reviewing a file
  • What are the proper questions to ask before processing a file
  • How to read an estimate correctly

Xactimate In-House Revisions for File Review - 4 Hour Course

  • Importing/exporting an Xactimate file
  • Basic Corrections including an Insured’s name, address, phone, DOL, Policy #, Claim #, Deductible, File name in Xactimate
  • Basic Errors in an Xactimate

Beginner File Review $149 |Xactimate In-House Revisions for File Review - $99

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